eCommerce Store Website Design | E-Commerce Designing

eCommerce Store Website Design | E-Commerce Designing

Why A Good Ecommerce Design is Important ?

You can get your ecommerce website designed by our experienced and creative designers. The eCommerce website is basically your online shop store so having a charming, interactive and good looking ecommerce website brings more traffic to your business and surely enhances your sales. If we use a ecommerce website builder software with free templates to develop an ecommerce website, the ecommerce website really can’t get that much great layout and inspiration that a contemporary ecommerce website with custom design and layout can.



Creative Ecommerce Design

Developing an E-Commerce website isn’t only about to put some graphics and you use a simple HTML editor and let it be done. A full loaded ECommerce website represents nature of your business along with your representation for your clients so your website design has a core place in any company’s success. As far as World Wide Ecommerce (WWW) is concerned, your internet presence counts a lot with how you have got your ecommerce website designed. From simple ecommerce store to a multi store website, Navicosoft’s highly qualified designers always keep an eye on how the ecommerce website leaves a good impact on the ecommerce website visitors. Your store becomes value for your price that you pay for your e-commerce platform.

What We Have Developed

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We Teach Search Engines Rank your ECommerce Store

We don’t let your ECommerce store to be on the internet lonely but also we provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services for your ecommerce website so that a huge traffic is directed towards your ecommerce website. Our hands are on the nerves of the search engines so we use checklist of tasks taken from Latest SEO & SEM books to make sure that your ecommerce store gets high search engine rank for your products in your store.
We use link building, latest seo strategy along with best seo practice in order to get your website optimized for top hits. Having physical office in Lahore , Pakistan (PK) ; Navicosoft has carved an image internationally for it’s unique and SEO optimized Ecommerce designs. We have cost effective and cheap result oriented seo packages pricing plan that suits your requirements easily.


Salient Features for your E-Commerce Store


Easily Understood Navigation

Navigation might very well be the most important part of an E Store’s design. Good navigation helps new shoppers find what they’re looking for without hassle, but poor navigation frustrates them and may even lead them to abandon your store.
The question, then, is what actually constitutes good navigation. There’s no agreed-upon standard or set of rules, but the main idea is to present a clear path from the landing page to checkout. No matter what that landing page may be — whether it’s your homepage or a specific product page — a visitor should be able to quickly find their way around your site without having to ask “how do I…?”


Quick Loading Times

Did you know that approximately 40% of online shoppers will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load? No matter how beautiful your store’s design may be, if it slows down the speed at which your pages load, your bounce rate will rise and your conversion rate will drop dramatically.
To avoid losing a huge portion of your customers, you should aim to implement a design that loads all of its assets quickly. The slower your store’s design loads, the more potential customers you’ll see bounce from your site and back to search engines.


Compatibility with all Devices and Screen Sizes

As many stores continue to see a rise in mobile-only shoppers, it’s important to be conscious of the many different devices and screen sizes used by your customers. Your store’s design should automatically adjust to match smaller screens… and larger ones.
Responsive design is a method of web design that automatically scales a site’s appearance up or down to match the screen size on which it is viewed.


Clear Beautiful Images

Have you noticed the recent trend in website design that revolves around large, nearly screen-filling images? For example, the Navicosoft homepage is dominated by a beautiful photo of the dedicated server depicting what the company provides. Images should be fine and attractive designed before starting your new store.

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A Branding and Industry Match

You should only choose a design that you feel matches your company’s branding, goals, and industry. With so many talented designers out there and plenty of pre-created themes to choose from, there’s no reason you have to pick something that functions well but doesn’t fit your company.

Why Not Design Myself

Why Not Design My Website Myself ?

Some people read online tutorial to learn about ecommerce website designs or download free templates or read designing books or follow some basic ecommerce website creation tutorials or to copy some ecommerce website samples found on google, yahoo or bing and try to use Ecommerce website maker soft wares to build their stores but it’s not a simple job as a unique Idea is something Navicosoft is expert for.
We have a dedicated designing team who are well versed with designing and creating blog, developing login forms, understanding company’s right designing requirements and perform accordingly.
In short, a sastee, achee, low cost, amazing, beautiful, cheap, interactive and dynamic ecommerce website is a product of a team work.

Fast, Affordable, Professional

Your own store can behave like Amazon , facebook, google or flipkart online store. You don’t need to worry about which programming language such as php, java, asp,, python or ror is being used for your shopping cart application neither you should be worried about development tools used for your ecommerce store as we setup applications from scratch. Navicosoft has been an expert eCommerce site developer for top social media sites in 2012,2014,2015 and hopefully in 2016 and is among the top 10 list of eCommerce sites developer in the region and worldwide. You can get quotation for your proposal right now from our sales team.

Fast, Affordable, Professional

Finally, while the tips we’ve given you so far are meant to help you find store designs with qualities that will improve the experience of your customers, there’s still something to be said about trusting your gut. If you want to start an E-Commerce Business from scratch, we are experts & promising company to build up StartUps.

24/7 Support

Should you have any questions or require support, our knowledgeable, Local support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone, email or live chat